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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Taming the Jungle

The good news:  we have a fully fenced in backyard.  The bad news: it is comepletely overgrown, the grass isn't grass it is violets, and from time to time you can find poison ivy.  Two toddlers with a poison ivy rash?  no thanks. Fortunately Charlottesville has many wonderful playgrounds nearby.  Even so, the convenience of a backyard would be wonderful, especially when #3 arrives.  (Hopefully we will stop referring to this baby as #3 sometime before his/her 5th birthday)

Anyway, soon after we moved in I called a landscaper to see what could be done about the yard.  He had such wonderful ideas that had me picturing an oasis I would never have to leave.  Space for flowers, toys, and herb garden, nice shady areas!

So I looked at him and said, " Sounds great, but our budget is a concern, how about we discuss the bare minimum and you can give me an estimate."  He looked a little put out, but no harm done.  So a few days later I get call that tree removal, disposal and a new lawn (grass seed, not sod) would be about $5000.00.  I wish I would have gotten a quote for everything he was planning!!!  The backyard is less than 1/6th of an acre.  Ouch!

We resorted to plan B...of course, we could do it ourselves!  So we purchased a used wood chipper, Eric got the chainsaw going and away we go "Taming the Jungle"  Now, I shouldn't say "we" because my job in this whole process is to be pregnant and to take care of the twins, so it has been Eric, with some help from his sister Kirsten and her boyfriend Randy.  (Thank you so much, including the use of your chainsaw!)

So the wonderful fenced in backyard is a work in progress and hopefully this fall when the weather cools off  we will be ready to plant a lawn.  I can't wait to get out there with the girls, but in the mean time, off we go to another park! 

Oh, the deck needs to be replaced too! 


  1. I want to see before and after photos!

  2. I will get the pictures. Unfortunately we didn't take any pics before we started taking trees down, but there will be a big difference with the ones we have and the finished product!!