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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

An extra pair of arms

Now that I have been managing Kaylee and Karissa in the company of at least one other adult for the past 6 days I realize how wonderful it is to have an extra pair of arms around.  Now, when I hear "mommy up", I don't have to try to hold both girls, or choose between the two, because there is always someone else around like Grandma, Grandpa, or Aunt Kirsten.  My husband Eric is wonderful at home when he isn't working, but to have someone else around ALL THE TIME is truly vacation!  (If we were independently wealthy and Eric didn't have to work this situation could happen all the time!! I'll keep dreaming!)

I wonder how this will all work when #3 arrives.  How will I be able to give all of them the cuddle time they need.  Do I need 2 extra pairs of arms?  Will I have to just sit on the floor with them all day long so I can gather them into my lap whenever needed?  Maybe we will have to live in just one room stocked with food, diapers, a VERY LARGE diaper pail, clothing and toys all within my measly two arms reach so needs can be met without me having to go out of site, or stand up and potentially dump a child off of my lap.  (Sounds a bit boring, but it might work!) 

I know we will figure it out, but until then if anyone has an extra pair of arms they would like to lend me, please send them my way!  If you have 2 extra pairs, all the better!!

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