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Monday, August 8, 2011

Dishwasher is working!!

Yesterday I asked Eric if there was anything he needed me to work on while the girls napped.  He responded by saying, yes, you could work on getting the dishwasher fixed. (it had stopped working the day after we moved in)  To which I responded "Great you mean I just need to call a repairman?" His reply...no, why don't you look online and see if there are any parts we need to order. (Built a house on our own, should be able to fix a dishwasher right?)

Now part of the problem with the dishwasher:  we can't get it out from under the countertop to fix whatever part needs fixing because whoever redid the kitchen floor installed the tile after the dishwasher was installed, so you can't pull it out without practically taking it apart, or tearing up the tile.  Genius.  I am not sure which project would take longer. 

So this morning before the girls woke up (they slept until 7:30!) I started my quest to figure out what was wrong with the dishwasher. We have about 10 and 1/2 weeks before #3 arrives, we need to get it working.  Beides the dish drainer is taking up valuable real estate on the limited coutertop space. 

For whatever reason, Eric decided to try turning the dishwasher on again just to make sure no new problems had arisen. 
And guess what, it worked!!  Why?  I have no idea.  Do I care?  NO!  Have I been washing dishes by hand for the past month and a half for no reason?  Probably!  Is this one more project we can cross off the list and not have to spend time on?  Let's hope so!!

It's a good day.


  1. Glad to hear the dishwasher it working! Here's to hoping it stays that way!

  2. Sweet!!! I had to actually dig into mine and figure out what was wrong with it when we moved here. I first needed to order the owners manual, then I removed the bottom cover, had to take apart the contraption where the hose entered (underneath the beast!) and find, and then clean a screen that was buried deep within it. Not easy, as I had to work on it while sprawled out on the floor. Anyway, as it turned out there was a lot of iron built up in said screen which killed the water pressure and stopped the water from whirling the things that spin around and shoot the water at the dishes. I suppose it was because no one had lived here for a long while before we moved in. Anyway, problem resolved! =)

    Needless to say, your fix was much nicer!!! I hope it stays that way from now on!

  3. Shari, you are amazing for figuring yours out!