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Friday, August 5, 2011

The Move: best laid plans...

Moving is stressful.  Selling a house in one state and buying a house in another is really stressful.  Scheduling the closings 2 days apart is just crazy.  Expecting it all to happen without delays is really nuts, but that is just what we did. 
So our plan was to close in NY on June 6th, Virginia on the 8th.  Eric would drive the moving van to VA in time to sign the closing documents.  Kaylee, Karissa, myself and my parents would follow 2 days later.  That would give Eric some time to unpack the van and at least get beds put together prior to our arrival.  Then mom and dad would be with us for a whole week helping unpack and helping with the twins before their flight home on Thursday, June 16th. I could go to my new Ob-gyn on the 14th while mom and dad were still in town to watch the girls.  Eric would start his new job on June 20th. We would be all settled in and ready to start our new lives!  Perfect!

Reality:  Closing in New York was delayed by a week, which of course delayed closing in VA.  What delayed the NY closing?  The buyer of our home forgot to sign her tax return for her mortgage company. Oops. When her funds were finally available, instead of being wired, her mortgage company used FedEx. Now I know FedEx is fast, but snail mail, really? So much for the electronic age!

Plan B:  Mom, Dad and I go to Viginia first so I would have help with the girls on the long trip down and would be able to get to my MD appointment.  Luckily we were able to stay at a  house our real estate agent owned. 
Finally, On Wednesday the 15th we had confirmation that we could close in Charlottesville at 4:00 pm.  (remember Mom and Dad have to fly home about 14 hours later).  So, mom, dad and I pack up clothes, toys, sippy cups, pack and plays, food and strollers from where we were staying and head to our new home. Eric arrives at the house with the moving van, I go to the lawyers office to sign documents and pick up the keys.  And guess what....can't close! Our mortgage company's computers were down!!! They couldn't wire the money until the next day.  So much for the electronic age!

So, we head back to the real estate agent's house,  unpack clothes, toys, sippy cups, and pack and plays for one more night.  Mom and Dad fly home at 6:50 the next morning having never seen the inside of our new house. 

We finally closed 10 days after our original moving date.  And then we had to unload the moving van...

No wonder the housing market has failed to rebound! 

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