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Saturday, August 6, 2011

The first two weeks

Our first 2 weeks in the new house were a little rocky...

As I have mentioned we have an aging dog named Maggie.  She is an 80 pound lab/rottweiler mix who is not particularly thrilled that her position as number 1 child has been downgraded to third place.  She likes to remind us on a daily basis by curling her hip every time the girls get close.  Unfortunately she is slow to interpret that lip snarl equals solitary confinement in the bedroom, tail wag happy dog means hanging out with the family in the living room, but we are trying our best. 
Anyway within 4 days of moving into the house, Maggie got sick.  Vomiting, diarrhea all over the carpet 3 times (really gross).  So, I find a vet, make an appointment, load up the dog and the girls, walk into the vet's office and... Maggie proceeds to have more diarrhea all over the floor.  So I have to leave her in the office while I push the stroller through a different so I don't have to roll it through poop. Then the vet tech has to come to the front, scrape a stool sample up from the floor and clean up the mess.  So much for first impressions!  The good news, Maggie got better. 

The next day the dishwasher broke and began leaking all over the floor before we could get the water turned off (we still have to fix it!), the kitchen light stopped working (got that fixed though, thank goodness for Lowe's!)  and we found poison ivy all over the back yard (Eric is still working on that one poor guy)  Thankfully no one got a rash. 

A few days later Kaylee was stung by a bee, which resulted in on and off screaming for the next hour and a half, a swollen hand and maybe some angry neighbors! (But I never checked on that one)  Then Karissa got a weird rash, which thankfully went away on its own. 

Fortunately we survived the first couple of weeks without any other mishaps and each week gets better and better.

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