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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Happy Birthday Kaylee and Karissa

You are 2 today!  Happy Birthday.  We love all the little things you do from your smiles to your tantrums!  Kaylee, you love to sing Twinkle Twinkle little star all the time!  Karissa, you love to cuddle and build towers.  You both are starting to love your little sister Lena, and finally understand a little bit how to be gentle around her!  You are learning to ride the tricycles we got you for your birthday, although you haven't learned how to move the pedals around in circles yet!  It will come, maybe by the time you are 2 1/2.  You are starting to remember the songs from music class, and enjoy art class.  You love to go to play grounds, and last week you sat through a 1/2 hour story time at the library!  Kaylee, your hair is finally starting to get longer, and Karissa you finally had your first haircut a few weeks ago.  (Kaylee you thought you had one, but it was just pretend so you wouldn't get jealous!).  We can't wait to see what changes this year will bring!  We love you both, Mom and Dad.

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