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Sunday, January 15, 2012

2012...here we go!

Organized chaos continues to rule in our household as we make our way further into 2012.  A week ago I had to take Karissa to the ER for 3 stitches in her finger after getting it pinched in a door as Kaylee closed it.  She almost lost the tip of her ring finger on her left hand.  We are really hoping her nail will grow back and she won't have to have 9 finger manicures for the rest of her life.  She has been a brave little girl and as long as she has her pacifier, blanket and teddy bear when we change her bandage it goes pretty well!  Hopefully we have fulfilled our ER quota for the year.

I couldn't have survived that day without our nanny and my wonderful friend Donna, who brought dinner that night!

We have been taking the girls to a local indoor pool that has a children's area with slides, a lazy river (a section with a current that goes in an oval) and sprinklers.  This facility has a family changing area, so that means all 5 of us (Lena stays in her car seat since she is only 2 1/2 months old and that may be just a little young to try the pool slide) cram into one big bathroom to get changed to go swimming.  Since the twins are not yet potty trained, they have to wear swim diapers.   Today, after changing the girls into their swim shirts and diapers, Kaylee looked at me and said "Mommy's swim diaper" referring to the bottoms of my tankini.  Lets hope I don't need one of those for many more years.  I don't think they come in my size!!

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