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With three children, 3 year old twins Kaylee and Karissa and one year old Lena, life is a bit hectic! But with a wonderfully supportive husband, a great babysitter and some special friends it is all possible.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Life with 3 under 2

We are 7 weeks into life with three children under the age of 2.  Somehow, at this moment, all three of them are sleeping, so I better hurry with this post becuase I have no idea how long this will last.  I should be getting the laundry from the dryer, mopping the floor, picking up the numerous items that are not where they belong and trying to get a nap in myself, but that can wait!  Maybe if I procrastinate long enough it will get itself done. 

Anyway, life with two 22 month olds and a 7 week old is...busy.  Fortunately, Doris, our wonderful nanny comes 4 mornings a week.  She is here to help me, or watch Karissa and Kaylee while I take Lena to appointments, do errands etc.  She is a lifesaver.  She helps with laundry, dishes, mopping the floor and picking up toys.  By the looks of our house it is not hard to tell which days she is not here!! 

Basically the goals for this period (and I have no idea how long "this period" will last) are to meet everyone's needs: eating, sleeping, diaper changes, clothing, cuddling, holding (mommy up, up please) and getting out of the house occasionally.  

To complicate things, Eric started a new job when Lena was 1 1/2 weeks old.   He is still doing home care Physical Therapy, but for a different agency. The job is going well, but it requires some paperwork time in the evenings and learning a new territory. (ie: getting lost on winding back roads with signs that say "open ford" ahead.  He assumed the road was open for Ford vehicles because he drives a Ford Focus so he proceded, but soon realized he needed a 4 wheel drive Ford and had to turn aroud!  Twenty years ago he may have tried crossing, but he is now older and wiser.)  Hopefully this new job become easier and faster for him soon and he will have his evenings free to help with picking up toys, relaxation and planning our kitchen renovation...yes, another new project coming soon...more on that in the months to come.  Now, he has to finish the shed he started building last weekend! 

For now, we are basically ready for Christmas.  We managed to get our Christmas cards mailed and the shopping done. Thankfully, Amazon.com exists, otherwise everyone may have received a box of diapers for Christmas.  Clean ones if they were lucky!   We are even going to try to put up a Christmas tree tomorrow and cross our fingers that no one pulls it down on top of her sister. 

I am writing this post to remind myself when I look back years from now and I believe I am just too busy with shuffleboard, bridge and volunteering at the library, that sometime in my past I was just a bit busier!

Happy Holidays!  Love, Laura, Eric, Kaylee, Karissa and Lena


  1. Wow Laura! I saw your link from Facebook and read this blog for the first time. Congratulations and good luck!! I have two kids about 2 1/2 years apart and I sometimes am pulling my hair out. But, I will think of you next time and remind myself it could be a lot harder!! I hope you and your family have a wonderful, and maybe quiet, Christmas. Much health and happiness in the New Year!!

    Kristin (Foerster) DeSombre

  2. Oh my gosh, I cannot even imagine! I'm having a hard enough time with just 1. I need to stop complaining (and procrastinating)and just get things done. Glad to hear things are going well!! :)

  3. Hey Laura. Your old neighbor, Darrin, here. Like Lorraine I can't even imagine having 3 under 2. Samantha keeps Toni & I quite busy.

    When Samantha was a few months old Toni found a group of other SAHMs on Meetup.com She joined the group and while she found she didn't care for the group (there were some internal politics and cattiness that were floating around) she and some of the other moms split off and formed a new group. They started with 4 moms and 4 kids and now there are over 15 moms, 15 toddlers and 3 infants in the group as some of the moms have started having their 2nd kids. I do recommend checking up meetup.com for similar groups down in your neck of the woods. In addition to getting the kids together for playdates they do Moms night outs (leaving us Dads to take care of the kids) and sometimes we dads get together for dads nights outs as well. Just thought I'd put that out there for you as I know you've relocated down to VA and might want to establish a new circle of friends.

  4. You all look amazing regardless. Merry Christmas to you all too.