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Friday, December 23, 2011

Five Guys Burgers and Lies

A few weeks ago we decided to treat ourselves to take out from Five Guys Burgers and Fries.  For those of you who have never enjoyed their food, it is kind of like fair food, greasy!  But it is really good and I had a craving.  So Eric and Kaylee were sent to pick up dinner. 

They returned with a paper bag filled with cheeseburgers and french fries for everyone to share.  (Before you send the nutrition police, Karissa and I steamed some broccoli to have as a side.  Burgers, fries and broccoli...hmm, what would you eat?)  Anyway, after we had everyone safely strapped into their chairs, we gave each kid, excluding Lena of course, a few french fries, part of a cheeseburger and lots of broccoli! 

The paper bag the food came in stayed on the table because it was still filled with french fries.  We didn't want Kaylee and Karissa to know this, because if they did, they would (like most of us) eat french fries until their little bellies were ready to burst.  So, once they had finished their fries and predictably asked for more, we calmly said, " fries are all gone."  They seemed to accept this, until I reached for the now greased soaked paper bag to remove it from sight. As I picked it up the remainder of the fries fell out onto the table, exposing us for the liers we were! 

Everyone ate their fill of fries that night, broccoli...not so much!

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