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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Watch what you say!

Kaylee and Karissa are at the age when they will say pretty much anything they hear, which is very fun, but requires a little caution.  So one day when Karissa burped, I said to her oh, you burped.  So Kaylee had a wonderful time for the next 5 minutes saying "Burp" followed by hysterical laughter from both of them.  I wonder if they even knew what they were saying and why it was funny, but it kept them occupied in the car for awhile.  Now if they hear Eric burp they love to say "Daddy burp" (I of course never burp, so "mommy burp" doesn't apply here!)

So two days ago Kaylee picked up the book "Water for Elephants" from my nightstand.  She brought it to Eric and said "read book."  Since it's a novel, it is a pretty boring book for a 19 month old, but Eric gave it a shot.  Luckily it includes pictures of different circus scenes at the beginning of each chapter, so it kept Kaylee's interest for a little while.  All was good as they looked at pictures of tents, trains and elephants, until they came to the picture before chapter 11...a topless woman.  So Eric's surprised response...Oh!  Boobies!  Kaylee's next new word?  Boobies.  (pretty easy one to say for a toddler)  Our reaction?  Hysterical laughter, Karissa's reaction?  "Boobies!" 

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  1. Be glad Mike isn't around...he has all kind of fun things he would teach them.