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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Odds and ends

I took a tour of the ob department at Martha Jefferson Hospital in Charlottesville today.  Lets just say check me in!  First of all the hospital opened their new building about 2 months ago, so everything is up to date and beautiful.  Huge labor and delivery suites, huge maternity rooms, quiet floors.  You pretty much feel like you are walking into a hotel.  Of course at most hotels you don't expect to go into labor!  (The hotel staff probably would prefer it that way.)  So I feel lucky to be delivering at this hospital, whenever that may be.  Predictions anyone?

As for Karissa and Kaylee, we may have hit a small milestone, for 3 days they have let me brush their teeth without screaming.  (they were the screamers, not me!!)  Of course, this requires me to pin them on their backs on the bed and practically sit on them, but now they seem to think it is kind of funny rather than pure torture. They have also found it fun to "paint" the walls with their toothbrushes which requires me to have to wash the wall after said painting episodes. After watching this for a day or two, Karissa will now walk to the kitchen, get the hand towel that is hanging on the oven door, come back to the bedroom and wipe the wall.  I think I will have her observe me scrubbing the tile floor in the shower just to see what happens!!  Maybe I will have a little housekeeper in no time. 

Anyway, we are trying to squeeze in a few more outings before the baby comes, hopefully a pumpkin patch and a halloween party!   

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