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Friday, September 16, 2011

New Deck and Penguins

We almost have a new deck!  It isn't finished, but we can go out there, play, eat, and no one will fall off or get splinters or nails stuck in their feet!  All that needs to be done now are the stairs treads, staining and trim.  Fortunately Eric built a gate for across the stair opening!  Hopefully we have a few months before the girls learn to climb over it! 

So far the neighbors haven't called to have Eric committed to the psych ward for periodically stopping his work on the deck to wave his arms in the air and sway back and forth.  To me it makes perfect sense that he is signing the word "penguin" back to the girls through the window, to the neighbors....it probably looks like he has lost his mind.      

Penguins have been Kaylee and Karissa's new favorite word/sign in the past few weeks.  So the other day when I was putting the them in the stroller, a girl walked by who happened to be wearing black shoes, black shorts and a black t-shirt.  Yup, as soon as Kaylee saw her she shouted out "Penguin"!  I am not sure how the girl felt about being called a penguin by an 18 month old, but I thought it was pretty funny! It may be time to go to the zoo and see the real thing.  Lets hope their next favorite animal isn't a pig! 

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