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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Three Bosses

This afternoon Kaylee was playing a game with me, (I have no idea what is was called), but it involved sleeping and being quiet and that was fine with me.  So when she told me to sleep I settled back on the couch and closed my eyes and pretended to sleep.  Granted 2 seconds later I had to open my eyes to check on Lena and make sure she wasn't about to pitch herself head first off the couch and immediately I was told by Kaylee that I was supposed to be sleeping.  So I promptly closed my eyes. Back and forth we went.  And in the 3 minutes and 42 seconds it took to play the game I realized I live with 3 very demanding bosses.  ( I believe I knew this the minute the twins were born, but this is the first time I am admitting it)

My three bosses: (ok, the list below is mostly about Karissa and Kaylee, but Lena is watching closely...)

1.  They insist I pay attention to the task at hand no matter what other distractions I may have. (Even if that distraction means certain peril for another member of the family)
2.  They expect to get what they want right now, no matter what I am doing. 
3.  They won't take no for an answer.
4.  If no continues to be the answer, they will let me know, and everyone else within a 3 mile radius, just how unhappy they are.
5.  They will try to make a bargain with me about just about anything including the number of bites of broccoli they take, how much longer they can stay in the shower and how many books are read at bedtime until they wear me down and I give in out of sheer exhaustion. 
6.  They are on to the next project before we have finished the first one. 
7.  They delegate any task they don't want to do....picking up toys, picking up clothes, putting their shoes away to me or Eric without a second thought.

And so it goes.  Of course they are the cutest, silliest bosses we have ever had and they really keep us laughing!!

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